General Statistics of Freeport

Located 143 kilometers (89 mi) northwest of Pitcairn Island, in the South Pacific Ocean. Oeno Atoll measures about 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) in diameter, including the central lagoon, with a total area exceeding 20 square kilometers (7.7 sq mi). There are two larger and three smaller islets on or within the rim of the atoll. Their aggregate land area is only 0.69 square kilometers (170 acres).

Geographic Coordinates
23° 55′ 36″ S, 130° 44′ 14″ W

The main island (Oeno Island), about 50 hectares (120 acres) in area, has forest and scrub with pandanus and palm trees. It is located in the southwest part of the atoll’s lagoon. There is a water tap installed on the island. The maximum elevation is less than 5 meters (16 ft). Sandy Island (or Islands) is to the northeast, within the lagoon, and may be an ephemeral island. Three smaller islets are to the south and west of the main island.

Maritime claims
Contiguous zone: 24 nm Exclusive Economic Zone: 200 nm Territorial Sea: 12 nm

Oeno Island is located just south of the Tropic of Capricorn and experiences year-round warm weather, with wet summers and drier winters. The rainy season (summer) is from November to March, when temperatures average 25 to 35 °C (77 to 95 °F) and humidity can exceed 95%. Temperatures in the winter range from 17 to 25 °C (63 to 77 °F).

Lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 ft. Highest point: is less than 5 meters (16 ft)

Natural Resources
Marine products, deep seabed minerals, aquatic animals and fish. Manganese, iron, copper, gold, silver and zinc have been discovered in the general area.

Land Use
Arable land: Unknown – Permanent crops: Unknown Amount – Permanent pastures: NA – Forests and woodland: Unknown Amount – other: NA – Irrigated land: NA sq km

Natural Hazards

Human Occupation
Development planned.

Government Type

National Capital
N/A – Seastead Planned

December 10th 2016

National Holiday(s)
Sovereignty Day, December 10, 2016

New Constitution Instituted in 2022

Legal System
Laws are Created, discussed and approved by the Sovereign Members of the Body-Politic of Freeport, executed by the Prime Minister.

Age of Adulthood
14 years of age.


Ethnic Groups



All Members of Freeport are literate.


Freeport is a single party communityist state. The single party is the Freeport Communityist Party (FCP), and is made up of members of the members of the body-politic, with a Prime Minister as the head. Under that is the House of Ministers, who are responsible for drafting, creating and enacting laws, which are signed and carried out by the Prime Minister.

Flag Description
A blue Dove, with different shades of blue, wings spread out fully, with a white beak and gray nose, holding a bundle of sticks and a paper scroll in its claws. The bundle of sticks representing the strength of the people (society) bound together. The paper scroll representing the contract with the body-politic and the society at large. A white background, representing peace.

The Economy of Freeport is Varied. Since we currently do not export raw material or manufacture material goods, most of our members own businesses within their particular expertise. Education through our Online Courses, Small Venture Start ups, Self Sustainable Communities and sustainable agriculture using aquaponics.

Economic Overview:
As we move into the future we see much growth within our economy. Major areas of focus are : Education, Aquaponics, Environmental Energy, Ocean Cleanup, Community Development, and Humanitarian Aid.


Aquaponics Development

Sustainable Energy Development


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